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Why Should Learning Start Early

At Zion’s Christian Academy, we believe that each child is naturally curios.  This curiosity starts early and, as much as possible, we must maximize the opportunities for learning while the child is still at a curios age.  This is the age that the child is most receptive to learning in areas such as math, reading, science, skills building, etc.

During such years – otherwise known as formative years – the child’s mind is like a sponge.  They soak up all the knowledge, experience and skills that they can access during this age.  We want to provide a healthy and safe environment where they can exercise their curiosity as widely and as actively as possible.

Our faculty at Zion’s Christian Academy will facilitate such early childhood learning.  We also equip parents with training and resources that help them manage their child’s development.

For inquiries, please call Zion’s Christian Academy at 410-631-4004.