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  • 1717 Broening Hwy.
    Baltimore, Maryland 21224

    Phone: 410-631-4004
    Fax: 410-631-5604

Kindergarten to Fifth Grade

The Zion’s Christian Academy also offers programs for kindergarteners to gradeschoolers (5th grade).  While we mostly employ group-based learning, we encourage students to be independent and learn according to their pace.

In their journey along the path of knowledge, our faculty will be a guiding light.  We encourage their curiosity with new skills.  Group activities foster social skills while also allowing opportunities for interaction with mentors / peers in different activities.  We help our students learn to work with others while also maintaining their individuality.  At this young age, it is important to emphasize that “being yourself” helps develop an honest appreciation for individuality.

If you have a kindergartener or a gradeschooler in your family, enroll them at Zion’s Christian Academy this upcoming school year.